Ganar Limited has access to the strategic services and products vital for success in this ever-changing world.

Our services and products include: Asset Monetization: CD, MTN, BG, SBLC, SKR, Stocks, Bonds. Written Verification of Funds via Top US Banks, SWIFT- MT 760, MT 799, from 10M to 10B + via Top World Banks. We also specialize in arranging financial instrument Leasing for clients ranging from $10M to $10B +.

We enjoy exclusive access to a very large portfolio of AAA rated CD, T Bills, Bonds, MTN, and BG, Top Western European banks. Clients Have Utilized These Programs for a Variety of Reasons Leverage Funding for Large Commercial Projects Funding a Trading Platform, Credit Enhancement Blocked Funds, Qualify for Financing Net Worth Requirements, Providing Evidence of Proof of Funds Commodities / Petroleum Transactions Our reach is truly international in scope. 

Project Loan

We are also affiliated to several finance banks and company who specifically on bank instrument financing, you can get funded against your verifiable Bank instrument (BG/SBLC/CD/MTN/POF) you can use our leased bank instrument to source loans from our lenders and our lenders funds 80% of the face value of the Bank Instrument. We also support external verifiable Bank instrument that is not of our own, it can be used as collateral for your project funding.

Recourse Loan

We currently offer Recourse loan if you have BG/SBLC, we can fund you against your BG/SBLC with our program to pay back the loan within 6-10years on 4% interest rate Per Annum. If you don’t have BG/SBLC we also have a funding program that will suit your interest. We have capable BG/SBLC provider that can provide the BG/SBLC on your behalf by transmitting it via MT760 to the Lender’s bank, which enables the lender provide you 80% of the BG/SBLC Value.

What is Bank Guarantee?

A guarantee from a lending institution ensuring that the liabilities of a debtor will be met. In other words, if the debtor fails to settle a debt, the bank will cover it. With an acceptable assets base, we provide security guarantees which were issued in conjunction to federally funded projects. Our private equity provider is qualified as a provider for these Guarantees which the UK Government and/or various departments or agencies requires a Guarantee.

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