secured bridge loans

At Ganar Limited, we help you in financing several types of personal and commercial problems. We provide you with the best deals for loans by ensuring the minimum rate of interest over a longer period of repayment. One of the loan options that we provide includes a secured bridge loan.

A secured bridge loan has a higher rate of interest than a conventional loan and needs repayment within a short period, usually six months to a year. However, you can borrow a large sum of money for a short period using the bridge loan.

The cases where a secured bridge loan is helpful for you include-

Expansion of Business

The most helpful scenario for a bridge loan is an expansion of your business. Usually expansion of business of followed by the purchase of real estate or a large stock pile of raw materials at a subsidized cost. These are cases when you need to invest a large amount of money in a short period. The bridge loan is your best option for a loan here.

At Ganar Limited, we study the business proposal and predict the expansion rate of your company in a short period. We help you secure the largest possible amount of a bridge loan so that you can easily outperform your competitors to purchase the needs for business expansion.

Home Transit

Another scenario when a bridge loan is helpful includes home transit. During this period, you require a personalized means of financing rather than a commercial bridge loan. Since your new home is not a means of revenue generation, you can apply for a home transit bridge loan that is usually smaller than a commercial bridge loan.

However, at Ganar Limited, we understand how important it is for you to shift homes or purchase a new property for personal use. Hence, we offer you with the best possible deal for a bridge loan making your transit pleasant and convenient.

Business Transit

When you apply for a secured bridge loan for a business transit, you can either invest in acquiring an existing business and changing your field of business. Since there are high chances that you do not have prior experience of business in the new field, banks usually refrain from offering a large amount of bridge loan for business transit.

However, the financial experts at Ganar Limited are professional at making projections and careful business assessments allowing them to look through a commercial as well as the personal viewpoint of a loan applicant. We aim to provide you with the needed amount of a secured bridge loan so that you can establish your business in the field firmly before you repay us.

With the help of business analysts and low-interest loan repayment rates at Ganar Limited, you do not need to go anywhere else to apply for a loan.

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