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Who We Are

We provide one of the most secure funding guarantees in the business so you can complete. 

What We Do

Ganar Limited has access to the strategic services and products vital for success in this ever-changing world.

How It's Done

Our services and products include: Asset Monetization: CD, MTN, BG, SBLC, SKR, Stocks, Bonds. Written Verification of Funds via Top US Banks, SWIFT- MT 760, MT 799, from 10M to 10B + via Top World Banks. We also specialize in arranging financial instrument Leasing for clients ranging from $10M to $10B +.

Why Us

We enjoy exclusive access to a very large portfolio of AAA rated CD, T Bills, Bonds, MTN, and BG, Top Western European banks.

Our Clients - We Value Most

We work closely as partners with our clients to understand their needs, help define objectives, evaluate strategic alternatives, and execute transactions from inception to completion.

A Back-up Option The primary use of standby letters of credit created by SBLC providers is to serve as a back-up option that is only used if the buyer fails to pay. However, it does require some form of collateral or line of credit to back up the letter. This is why the third-party involved in the transaction is typically a bank that offers up the line of credit to ensure that a payment will be made to the seller. This gives sellers greater assurance of payment, especially for larger transactions.

Our clients say:
"Ganar Limited has been a great help on my business , i was almost hitting the rock when got introduced and today am back to my feet again.."
-- James Edwards, Beam Marketing Co.

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Our offers

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Proof of Fund
  • Non Recourse Loan
  • Project Funding

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