At Ganar Limited, we understand that each company goes through a variety of crests and troughs during its development period. The most prominent reasons of a pitfall in a company’s growth period are lack of funds and high level of debts. Pitfalls are also evident during the expansion phase of a company. During these times, it is crucial for a company to gain hold of its finances by applying for a commercial bridge loan & real estate bridge loan. Using this commercial bridge loan, you can get your company out of a short-term financial debt without taking a large hit on your company’s reputation or losing your clients.

The various cases when a commercial real estate bridge loan helps your company include,

Purchase Real Estate

The most common reason why people often take a commercial real estate bridge loan is to buy a new piece of property for business expansion. Real estate and human resources are the two heaviest investments in the business sector. However, while human resource investment increase over time, real estate investments usually happen at a single go.

At Ganar Limited, we provide you with affordable rates of commercial bridge loan for real estate, so that you can finance a good commercial real estate deal within a short period.

Meet Market Demands

A commercial real estate loan allows you to borrow money from the bank to fulfill the needs of your business. One of the crucial needs includes meeting market demands. In several season-based industries, the market demand for a particular product increases exponentially during a particular time of the year.

For example, the demand for an umbrella increases several folds during monsoon. During these periods, if your company is not equipped to buy excess raw materials for the increased production, you can apply for a short-term commercial bridge loan that allows you to get through the monsoon without losing business.

Short-time Opportunities

Business is a play of grabbing opportunities and avoiding failures. When your business starts competing with the other nearby businesses, you need to rely on efficient time management to grab good deals. In the competitive environment, it is vital for a company to make the best of time-sensitive deals. You do not want your company to lose a deal when you set out to get hold of finances for it. Hence, a real estate bridge loan helps you in securing a considerable amount of finance at short notice.

Convert Bridge Loan to Conventional Commercial Real Estate Loan

A bridge loan is often coupled with or modified into a conventional commercial loan after expiry period. You can take a commercial bridge loan to increase the valuation of your business/property. Once your business/property starts generating a considerable amount of revenue, you can pay off your secured bridge loan and take a conventional commercial real estate loan with a lower rate of interest for a larger repayment period.

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